We offer two types of membership!

Devoted membership

This membership is the ultimate package. I will be including what you see above for the $2 membership, but also including the following. If you're ready to learn about social media whether you're a content creator influencer, a business owner, or you want to make social media a career, this program is for you. I will be teaching many more things than what you see, but here's a quick idea. These will all be in video format of me speaking to you directly. There's NO bs, it's all the techniques, ways and styles that I've been using to make social media a career that pays me very well. The money is endless but we all chase freedom. These programs and lessons can teach you how to do exactly that. Here's list of what you will receive and more..

  1. How to grow your social following as an individual/influencer
  2. How to grow your social following as a business/company
  3. How to make money on YouTube & Instagram
  4. How to quit your 9-5 job logically
  5. How to get sponsored by big companies for free product + compensations
  6. How to make social media your career (How to make money from social media marketing making $10,000+ a month)
  7. The proper way to post photographs, using hashtags, geotags and more
  8. Techniques on how to sell more product or services using social media platforms
  9. How to start a business (LLC, S-Corp, Taxes, Sellers Permit etc).
  10. How to start a clothing line of your own (Drop-ship, inventory, designs, packaging, fulfillment, etc)
  11. How to approach companies to help them manage their social media (How to sell your services)
  12. How much money to charge each client for photography, marketing, sales, commissions, etc.
  13. The proper techniques of making a connection with a business owner
  14. How to use each platform in their own ways such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and more
  15. How to create professional content with only your iPhone
  16. Tutorials on how to film YouTube Vlogs/Videos/Promotional Ads and more
  17. How to start Vlogging and how to edit videos (Full length Vlog editing videos and cinematic videos)
  18. How to use LinkedIn to get business owners to hire you as a social media marketer
  19. How to get past the generations who don't understand how the new age of marketing works
  20. How to get a job at a dealership (Or in general to get started)
  21. Full exclusive videos of me consulting my clients in person for all industries
  22. Exclusive videos of me talking about my experiences with clients who have fired me, and hired me, and why.
  23. Exclusive merchandise discounts and merchandise in general for only pro-devoted members
  24. Exclusive Devoted points given out during Vlogs, Instagram stories, snapchats and more
  25. Tutorials on how to become a better photographer (How to edit in Lightroom, Photoshop, and other programs)
  26. Exclusive section for Devoted members to talk and converse about anything
  27. And so much more!




YEARLY: $210