Ambassador Of The Month

Devoted Society Ambasssador Of The Month


Mitchell Piersante 



What are you currently “Devoted” to? 

My personal health.  I’ve been in the process of ongoing heart problem for 5 years now.  I was always active and played sports as a kid.  In 2011 I was a ‘healthy’ 17 years old, but one day I passed out in class. Initially I thought it might have been because I had no breakfast that morning, maybe a lack of sleep, or just wasn’t feeling well.  But then it happened again 2 weeks later.  Because of that, a Cardiologist put me on a heart monitor for 24 hours. When I returned the next day they decided I needed to have the monitor on for a whole month. Unfortunately none of the initial tests were conclusive and 3 months later I passed out again.  As time passed nothing pointed to a specific activity or occurrence that would have triggered these passing out spells.  Fast forward to 2013, I had a device implanted right by my heart, which I still have to this day.  I got to a point where I asked myself: ‘What can I do to help give myself the best chance to be healthy moving forward in my life?’  That answer was weight lifting. I became obsessed with watching you tubers put out their story online, sharing the wins and the losses.  It really inspired me to try and press through.  So I may have this heart issue, but its ok. Other people can do this, why can’t I?!”


When did you realize that you were “Devoted” vs. just interested in what you’re doing?

In 2013 when I had the surgery and I was home for a few days. I got up and just looked at myself and was like “what if this was caused by my action or inaction?”  That made me think,“Why can’t I look like that guy who lifts and looks fit” but that question was just the start. I’ve learned it’s more than just having the end physical goal, it’s about the journey.


What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced when chasing down your dreams?

The biggest challenge are the days where I just don’t feel like doing anything, but when one little thing good happens it snow balls into the next thing, and the next thing.  The positive mentality of how I approach my daily life and the circumstances that surround me keep me going. If I dwell on the woe-is-me stuff that’s not going to help me at all.  This heart process is a lot of trial and error. I’ve learned so much through the journey. It’s not going to go as planned, but you have to have faith in the light at the end of tunnel.


What is your source of inspiration for keeping your head up high when times are tough?

Maintaining a positive attitude. If I’m having a good day, I want to make someone else’s day. The drive to do SOMETHING GOOD is an inspiration to me. There’s so much crap going on in the world right now that the drive to do something good for others keeps me going.


What do you want fans to know about being part of the Devoted Society Family?

This isn’t a 1 trick pony. There is so much diversity here and the Devoted Society family has people who like all types of things. We don’t all like the same things, but it’s not about that. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do, but it matters that you LOVE DOING IT!