What I look for when I'm hiring.

I tend to get hundreds of direct messages about how people say "hire me, hire me, hire me!!!" over and over again. See, this is the thing. I don't mind, I'm flattered that people want to take the time to reach out to me and say "I'll do anything to work with you". I respect the risk and the kind gesture, but there's so much more to what I feel as if could benefit people if they took a few steps before hand. Instead of begging for a job, find a way to bring value. Find a way to bring a company something that they didn't know they needed. Find a way to stand out from just wanting a paycheck. 

I realized that when I was younger, I never really knew how to approach a business owner, or who owned a fancy car when I was trying to become a photographer. I just knew that I had a passion for something, photography... That's what kept me going. I just started thinking to myself "What do people need when it comes to photography?". Well, people need good photos to represent their brand, their product, their service and more. After thinking of it like that, I started to practice my skill set to not only be "good" at photography, but to bring "value" as a photographer. I started expanding my knowledge from just taking photos to learning how to shake hands with a more firm grip, or how to make better eye contact with a person while they speak to me, or how to properly stand up straight when I'm around people.. These things tend to help, and people do notice you as a package. What can you do for my business to to help me sell more, become more productive, more efficient... Well, learn to become multi-talented!